Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Fender Benders

Members: Richie Mitchell, Don Schattenberg, Craig Mitchell, Ned Liebman, Pete Khan, Dave Schroeder, Wayne Farmer
Genre: Blues Band
L to R: Craig Mitchell (Guitar) - Ned Liebman (Drums) - Wayne Farmer (Vocals) - Richie Mitchell (Bass & Guitar) - Pete Khan (Keys, Harmonica, Bass) - Don Schattenberg (Horn, Flute, Mandolin, Bass) - Dave Schroeder (Vocals) Do you miss Rock and Roll? The Fenderbenders are rock and roll at it's best. They have been described as "... a mixture of rockabilly, country-rock, surf and blues, but overall it's just plain rock 'n' roll. " Please enjoy your visit through our website and be sure to sign our guestbook!
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