Sunday, October 16, 2011

Alan Lee Designs

Members: Alan Lee
Genre: Appearance
When people think of Alan Lee, most people think of the artist for the Lord of The Rings movies. Now there is a new Alan Lee on the scene and he's taking the bike world by storm. Already famous in Europe and in Japan, the Belgian Master Builder has become well known in the United States. His appearances on many of the reality TV bikes shows and Major Bike Rallies such as Daytona and ROT Rally have helped him gain the exposure of the public. Ask around the who's who of bike builders and his name will come up as the builder with the trademark blood red glasses that builds truly unique bikes. Alan's passion for design and Art Nouveau are what make his bikes pieces of art rather than just custom motorcycles. His style requires that many of the pieces he uses for his projects be completely hand-made. In many cases this means that his projects are some of the more difficult. This is only part of what makes Alan Lee the designer that he is.
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