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The American Racer

Genre: Appearance


  • The show will be a televised racing series where the drivers are everyday Americans. The winner could be your neighbor, Joe the grocery clerk or Sherry the bank teller.
  • We want to take average everyday Americans that have never competed in auto racing and run them through a unique qualifying process, establishing that they have met certain criteria.
  • 20 contestants will transfer to the fourth level to compete against each other on an assortment of different race tracks.
  • Each Driver will draw to select which car they will compete in for that race, assuring quality in equipment selection.
  • The cars will be tuned and tested by professional racing specialists between each event, assuring equality in performance.
  • The show will be filmed in conjunction with other companion events at the race track.
  • New cars will be built for the show using Late Model Stock Car Chassis and steel bodies. All cars will be powered by identical factory crate engines and transmissions.
  • There will be a celebrity panel of judges that will eliminate one driver per event for the first 10 races and then the remaining 10 drivers will compete for the Championship at the last event.


  • Marketing value is truly incredible while the costs are very affordable. This will be a ground breaking, history making endeavor and Performance Productions can make it all happen. From staffing, logistics, cars, shop headquarters and much more, Performance Productions is prepared to put the show on the road.
  • Racing is the hottest sport in America today. Reality TV is the hottest television today. Why not pair the two up? Performance Productions says it can be done and well be the ones to do it! We have the concept, the contacts, the experience and the marketing knowledge. Lets get it produced and on air!!
  • The show will be action packed with in your face on track and in car scenes as well as all the behind the scenes dirt. Everybody thinks that they can be a race car driver, now we will get the chance to see first hand what everyday real people think after they endure the g-forces, the heat, the media and the pressure of competition. Watch the sparks fly as the stakes are raised with each phase of the contest. Who will be voted off the next race by the judges? Who will win the final race? When the smoke clears, who will be the next Driver to step into the world of Professional Racing!
  • Our celebrity judges and surprise guest appearances are part of the mix as well.


  • This is Reality TV at the next level. 75 million race fans will be gripping their seat. Do you think that the rest of America might be watching as well? We do! Entertainment values of this TV Series will be excellent. Each contestant will have their own story, where they come from and what inspired them to participate. We will bio them at their present job, add in the competition, the jubilation, the heartbreak and the triumph, the American Dream realized or shattered.
  • The series is sure to run each of the contestants through the full spectrum of human emotions as they are subjected to the harsh and sometimes cruel environment of real world motor sports competition.
  • Those that want to be Champions will not only learn things about the industry but about themselves as well. Courage, ambition and confidence are all qualities to be treasured but too much or too little of any one of these can turn an otherwise victorious day into one of destruction and despair.


The Four Levels

Level 1. The first level of qualifying will be the SIM, LAN and CFL events. In the SIMS and LAN events, competitors will be racing each other on a PC using Papyrus NASCAR 2003 software for the right to transfer to the next level of qualifying. For more info on Level 1 please read the LAN and SIM rules on The American Racer web site. CFL events are available at seven regional locations across America. CFL events involve a virtual driving experience and rules are posted on our website. 120 competitors will transfer to Level 2.

Level 2. The second level of qualifying will be in high performance racing karts. The speed and danger of this event and every event that comes after this one is very real. To compete from here forward you will be required to sign a release form stating that you understand this fact. Level 2 will be held at LOWES Motor Speedway and there will be fields of 10 to 20 competitors racing for the right to transfer to Level 3. 60 competitors will transfer to Level 3.

Level 3. The third level of qualifying will be in the Thunder Roadsters. The competitors in this level will be placed in fields of 10 to race it out for the right to transfer to Level 4.
This event may be held at LOWES Motor Speedway and or Concord Motorsport Park in Concord NC. 20 competitors will transfer to Level 4.

Level 4. The forth level is an all out 11 race series in full size 490 HP stock cars. We will start with 10 car fields. There will be a celebrity panel that will judge each competitor on a list of at least ten criteria. The competitor scoring lowest after each event will be sent home. The races will be 50 laps in length cautions do not count and there will be a limited pit crew to service damaged vehicles. Cars will be fitted with in car cams and in car talk. Each competitor will have their own spotter at these events. All competitors at Level 4 will be required to sign a management contract to compete. The winner of the eleventh race in Level 4 will be awarded a driver development contract.

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