Sunday, October 16, 2011

Arlen Ness Motorcycles

Members: Cory Ness
Genre: Appearance
Cory Ness is both the business and key design arm of Arlen Ness enterprises. Raised in steel and chrome since his birth.

Cory has a unique perspective of the Motorcycle industry. While many get into the market in their teens or twenties,

Cory has literally been in the industry since birth. His success in custom designed motorcycles is only rivaled by one person...his father Arlen. Born with the Ness innovation gene, Cory is the chief designer behind all that is Arlen Ness Enterprises today.

He runs the day to day business, designs new parts and accessories, and still finds time to design his own style of motorcycle. His award winning innovations can be seen on the covers and interior spreads of National and International Motorcycle magazines.

Cory appears worldwide and is a regular at the Paris and Milan shows that feature Arlen Ness creations and apparel. Cory's personal creations have appeared at all major international custom bike shows. His keen business sense have seen Arlen Ness Enterprises open 2 stores in Miami and Daytona, and form a partnership with Victory Motorcycles which now features a line of Arlen Ness signature motorcycles. Cory also creates a directory of these innovations in a catalog that fills nearly 250 pages with 1000's of custom Arlen Ness creations for Harleys and a Cruiser Catalog that will soon rival the Original. For more looks at Cory's innovations check out these sections of the site Y2K Frames and Check Out These Wheels.
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