Sunday, October 16, 2011

Doug Keim's Creative Cycles

Members: Doug Keim
Genre: Appearance
Doug Keim knows the cliches. The importance found in having passion for one's job. Paying attention to the details of the product you create. But he knows them because he lives them, and makes no apologies for it.

His first ride on a motorcycle was at the age of seven and it's been an adrenaline high ever since.

His NEW shop, Doug Keim Creative Cycles in Wall, New Jersey, has been the center for his passion for the past 11 years, although he's been involved in the business of motorcycles throughout his life, this new shop has been the place that he has found the most satisfaction with his work to this date. A few of his personal favorite rides are: Thor, a Harley-based creation that was the first bike he built to be recognized by the media, being featured and placed on the cover of American Iron magazine. The second is: Optic Nerve, a bike that although built in '99, is still considered trick by today's standards. Optic Nerve was featured in Street Chopper Magazine and was given a co-cover. The most recent favorite would have to be: Darkness Within, a bike that is based on his new Top Fuel frame. This bike has taken the industry by storm and has already been shot for an upcoming Easyriders Magazine cover.

Since 2000, Doug has had more than 16 features in publications such as Hot Bike Magazine, Easyriders Magazine, Street Chopper Magazine, V-Twin Magazine, as well as several others. Doug's bikes have been seen on the covers of V-Twin, Street Chopper and Hot Bike. His work has also graced the pages of many industry related catalogs. Doug and his staff were recently seen on the TV show "Two Wheeled Tuesday" on the Speed Channel.

In 2000 Doug stuck a deal with Custom Chrome to carry some of his billet product line. In 2002 Custom Chrome teamed up with Doug to start work on a Doug Keim Signature line of products that are to be distributed by Custom Chrome and bare the Doug Keim name and logo. Doug has supplied high-end motorcycles to companies like Bel-Ray Lubricants, Adjure Electronics and most recently Weld Racing Motorcycle. In 2004 Doug was asked to join the 'Artistry in Iron' event in Las Vegas. This event hosted 25 of the world's top bike builders and was by invitation only. In December of 2004 Doug Keim and staff were asked to be part of the Hard Rock Casino and Hotels Roadhouse Tour for 2005 (this tour was formerly known as the Camel Roadhouse). This tour has in the past years played host of many of the industry leaders. Now for 2005 it's Doug's turn.

Doug is committed to creating custom bikes and products that fit each riders needs. 'Meticulous' is a word he uses proudly, earning him a professional reputation for having an eye for detail and very high standards. For Doug Keim, it isn't about making a living; it's about making great motorcycles and great products. It's about passion, not greed!
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