Sunday, October 16, 2011

The No Brainers

Members: Bigdaddy, Chris, Rudy, Sparky and Dave.
Genre: Rock Band
No Brainers is a talented group of dedicated musicians guaranteed to satisfy whatever your musical need! Formed in 1994, the caliber of musicians is bar none. Though there have been a few personnel changes over the past several years, the rock stays hard! Musical genre: Classic Rock, Blues, Modern Rock, and Original (basically, everything from Elvis to Kid Rock). They're bound to get everyone jammin' at some point! The live shows are like a great......well, let's just say they are INTENSE, INVIGORATING, and LEAVE YOU WANTON FOR MORE!! The band motto is "ROCK HARD or GO HOME!!" There's a reason for this, and to find out, ya gotta go to the show!
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