Sunday, October 16, 2011

C C Trikes - Craig's Customs

Members: Craig Whitford
Genre: Appearance
Craig Whitford, owner of CC Trikes & Custom Bikes has been creating custom machines for the better part of 30 years. Everything from classic led sleds that have been chopped, sectioned, and lowered to monster trucks, drag cars and the now futuristic all aluminum or steel custom choppers. He builds the entire project, including the cage, aluminum interior, motor, tranny, his own rear ends, etc. Craig grew up hanging out at his dads paint and body shop from about the age of six and he learned how to customize cars using lead and techniques that few use today. He started out painting bicycles, but soon moved on to doing custom paint and body modifications. He was only 15 when one of his paint jobs was featured in a magazine. Also when Craig was about 15, he fibbed about his age so he could join a top-fuel funny car team and go racing. He traveled across the United States and learned a lot about racing in the NHRA Top Fuel Ranks. He later ran one of the largest automotive re-builder companies with over 300 employees. He would spend his weekends building his own custom hot rods, 4 wheel drive trucks and bikes. After the company shut down Craig got into building custom cars, trucks and bikes full time. This is also when Craig started wrestling. Craig became a pro wrestler back in the 80s. He competed against the famous Von Erics, Bruser Brodie, and other guys of that era. After about six years of that, he focused his energies on building up his customizing business working on hot rods, and custom bikes. He has built or modified cars, trucks, street rods and lead sleds for customers far and wide. He built a drag corvette from scratch (built the body, frame, etc. all himself) and then shipped it to Kuwait. He also chopped 3.5 inches out of the roof of a new Chevy extended cab truck for a guy in Canada after Boyd told him it couldnt be done. Craig would attend local Dallas, Texas events with show winners practically every year. He has won GM awards and ISCA (International Show Car Association) awards for Outstanding Engineered and Street Achievement for Design and Originality for his V-8 Trike. They represent recognition of his design ability, not just that he can paint or do body mods. Although Craig had been building bikes for many years, he really focused on building one-off custom choppers after his older brother passed away in the 90s. He built this first one-of-a-kind bike in his brothers memory because his hard core biker ways were such an influence on Craig. This bike featured an all aluminum frame, wide corvette tire and nitrous. He has since designed two separate aluminum bikes, the Slingblade and the Switchblade. His latest design is a soft-tail frame that he just completed for a customer. Craigs specialty is one-off custom rides. The fun work is in the design and building of something new. Once a project has been completed, hes ready to start on the next one of a kind eye catcher. One of Craigs most unique designs are his all aluminum 32 valve V-8 Trikes. They are lightweight (less than 1200 lbs), versatile and have over 300 hp. There is not another trike on the market today that can compete with the Trizilla. It features a fiberglass body that he made, molded and now produces. It is easy to switch out or modify (for someone that can work with fiberglass). Craig is a real gear head. He can speak knowledgeably about any type of motor or engine component, suspension, electronics, and race events (whether its bikes, trucks, NASCAR, drag racing, boats, 4x4s, rock climbing, etc.). He also has extensive knowledge in fiberglass, tubing, and metal-working since hes created numerous cars, bikes, and Trikes from pipe on the ground and resin in a barrel to a finished, working driver. Craig has participated in many national and local interviews with his bikes as hes attended various bike rallies these past few years. He is comfortable in front of a camera and has never had a problem explaining his designs to interested parties. Most recently he was on Discovery Channels Biker build-off doing the first ever Trike build. Craigs ultimate love is cars and teaching people and kids new things and a better way of doing things. He appears to be subdued and cool (calm), but he was a wrestler so he can turn it up and be animated when he wants. He owns many cars rights now and has bought many project cars in the past. He has always bought cars he can complete and finish building himself. From basket cases to finished show winners.
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